Chris + Derek have been partners since 1985. They are both exceptionally creative, talented and have a superb eye for composure. With Chris's high standard and attention to detail and Derek's ability to communicate with the client, it is a perfect combination enabling them to perform brilliantly as a team.

As two experienced photographers with competitive characters and complementary skills, working as a team enables them to offer a unique service – either both simultaneously photographing one project, or by each providing input, critiques and direction of the others work. The outcome is a passionate attention to detail, the most creative approach possible and a reliable and professional service. Above all, it results in beautiful photographs that show everything at their best – images that describe whatever the subject as realistically as possible.

Chris Fourie
Derek Lipman

Strong and lasting professional relationships with clients are of utmost importance and Chris + Derek strive to create these relationships by listening and attending to their clients objectives first. The breadth of their client base and the longevity of these relationships proves the efficacy of this approach. They shoot digitally, believing that it is the format that can provide the most benefit to the client. Professional re-touching and post-production editing is part of the service.

Post Production

Just capturing great photos is not always enough to get you what you want. This is particularly so with difficult lighting venues and more artistic events like weddings and ceremonies. Quality professional post production can bring out the full potential of your images. Big Sun Photography offers any and all post production.

We are travel friendly and can be available for photography throughout South Africa

© Copyright Notice:Chris + Derek retain the copyright to all images displayed on this website. Please contact them if you would like to purchase any images.

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